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Groundbreaking Urban Playground

A new play experience in the heart of London… 


The Soho Cubes provides an innovative and unique multi-sensory experience.
This special installation maximises space by elevating a host of opportunities for play and learning into the sky.
Its flexibility facilitates play that is engaging, collaborative and self-directed, creative and fun, focussed and    educational and suitable for all ages and abilities.
It offers a new and unexpected sense of place that is sensitive to the local context and community and introduces    children to the natural elements in the heart of the city.


It is multifunctional and even has ingenious and integrated storage  solutions. It is magic.


Three years in the making, the school has an innovative multi sensory play experience that will provide an attractive, contemporary and refreshed street facade.

The elevated play cubes and decking, ropes, nets and green spaces provide the pupils and staff with a unique, all-weather play, learning and teaching experience and a new view of the world around them.

The bold and striking contemporary design solution ensures that the school is no longer hiding behind the old iron gates but is a visible part of the community once more.

The installation is flexible and multifunctional. It facilitates enriching activities that are collaborative and self-directed, creative and fun, focused and educational and suitable  for everyone in the school.

The new play installation offers a unique and unexpected sense of place that is sensitiveJane's-Pond-Urban-Play-Design
to the local context and introduces children to natural elements in the heart of the city.

“This design shows how much is possible in even the most restricted of inner-city spaces
and should provide inspiration to other schools struggling to merge growing pupil numbers with
providing quality play opportunities.”

“Installing hang nets under the decking is a brilliant and adventurous solution which the children are unbelievably excited about.”

Jane's-Pond-Director-Play-Designer “This challenging project has been an exhilarating journey of creativity,  collaboration and sheer pleasure. Exactly what  we hope it will continue to be for the pupils and staff of the school!
An outdoor green and fun space for children to laugh and learn in, to exercise and explore and to make powerful  enduring memories in. The school wants to make their presence known in the heart of Soho and be a visible presence.  We want these dramatic cubes to make a strong statement and a bold artistic architectural contribution to Great  Windmill Street, Soho, London and beyond.” Jane Bain, Director

Ground Breaking Playground

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